Sunday, 19 April 2009


What are everyone's thoughts on the opening? I'm sure a sitar player would be great, but I think it should be up to the artists to decide what goes on...

With this in mind, how do people feel about Nous Vous doing a short music-based performance in our space, spruced up a bit..?

It is something we'd quite like to do at some point anyways, but the opening would be a good time for it perhaps? It would take the form of a largely improvised set, using samplers, percussion, keyboards, maybe other instruments..

Any feedback, yes's / no's would be appreciated.

Bon Weekend

Nicolas Vous


  1. I think it is a good idea to make an event of the opening and I don't think it should be referred to as a private view as afterall this isn't supposed to be a conventional exhibition.

    I'm not sure about the sitar player if Nous Vous/others participating in MR are going to be performing on the night, seems a little extraneous. But I say thumbs up to the Nous Vous vibe.

  2. i really like the idea of live music/perfomance by artists in the project! thumbs up from me too!

  3. I think it'll be great if Nous Vous did something on the 'opening'.

    also like to think of it less like a conventional private view.

    I'm not sure how the sitar would sit opposite any kind of performances happening in the space. it might undermine them a little(?)

  4. The idea of Nous Vous playing is good but I'm afraid we can't have a full blown electric set. Because it's all residential above us we have to be careful about noise levels. This goes for other events/performances/sound installations too. Nous Vous, I expect you can do a kind of muted version though?