Friday, 17 April 2009

Rachel Lancaster

My practice centers around taking numerous digital photographic 'stills' from film and television then translating these into drawings and paintings. Through the process of selection, cropping, and translation into another media these images become mysterious and ambiguous. I use this process as a means to investigate the seemingly unimportant, potentially overlooked, 'in-between' moments. When 'singled out' these moments still maintain a mysterious connection with 'the event', and the greater narrative.

I feel this process of using readily available, found imagery from the universal language of film and television, relates back to Sheldrakes' notions of the collective memory, shared communication of information.

In particular for the Morphic Resonance project I have been taking photographs from film/television loosely concerning nature. I have taken numerous photographs, playing around with different kinds of imagery and ways in which to present these. I have had several of the photographic 'stills' printed large scale(A0 size) in black and white, onto paper. I have been exploring which of these are the most interesting and which work well together. For the final exhibition I have decided I am going to show 3-4 photographs, probably in colour.

I have also been exploring ideas surrounding using found/sampled sounds from the television to make a piece of sound work for the exhibition, as yet this is still in the experimental stage. I have been playing with ideas around duration/manipulation.

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