Friday, 17 April 2009

SilverMawson performance

SilverMawson produced a cutting edge performance last night with the help of artist Iona Smith and 'Box creative' hairdresser Antonio. Part of a body of work SilverMawson are producing during Morphic Resonance that examines their relationship with their own creativity and other peoples, ideas of appropriation and copying. During this untitled performance Silver had her hair cut to replicate the style of Iona Smith's to a sound track of Charled Hartshorene's lecture 'Appearance, reality and mind'. Hypnotic and a little eery the performance captivated an audience reaching a capacity that just managed to fit within the limits of SilverMawson's current creative allotment in their Morphic resonance project space at PSL. Below are a couple of images which document the event...

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