Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say "hello" on behalf of Pest. Some of you may have met Rebecca last week, however due to other commitments (and the fact that none of us have a car!), it's proving really difficult for us to get to all of the contact days and we haven't been able to participate as much as we may have liked.

Our response to these problems has been to construct the Pest office. This will be standing in for us during the exhibition, throughout which we will be researching the third and final Pest publication. This will explore the motivations and realities of artists working in 'social' spaces (e.g the public realm, internet/media, specific communities etc.) and will include artwork by Preston artist Martin Hamblen and a short story by London artist/curator Sophie Hope. Our research for this publication will involve us visiting artists and artists groups throughout the UK and also in Budapest (we received a NAN bursary from AN to do this), and sending information and reports back to the Pest office.

We have a provisional list of people who we plan to visit, which we will post up soon. However, if any of you have any suggestions of interesting groups/artists/projects that would be brilliant. We are particularly interested in politicised activities – specifically those which interrogate the notion of social/public space, but we're open to all types of practice. It would also be good to arrange meetings with other Morphic Resonance participants – either face to face in the office or on Skype. Reading this blog I am particularly interested in the raft project that Dan, Penny and No Fixed Abode are working on and it would be good to find out more…..

We’re going to set up a Pest blog to record all of our activities, so I’ll post the link as soon as that’s live.

Sorry we can’t make the meal, hope you all have a great time and I look forward to finding out what happens!


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